1. L'Oréal Paris Lumi Magique Illuminating Primer - Since switching up my foundation routine this has became a holy grail instead of...

june1 june2 june3 1. L'Oréal Paris Lumi Magique Illuminating Primer - Since switching up my foundation routine this has became a holy grail instead of an option. It makes my skin look glowing and alive while it also helps keeping my foundation looking nice longer. I'm about to run out of this so I will be picking up a new one soon!
2. MAC Eyeshadow in "Antiqued" - If your eyes are either green or blue, you've got to try this. It's a warm toned almost red brown but it still looks neutral enough for an every day wear. As always the pigmentation is on point and to be honest, if I could own only one powder eyeshadow, it would pretty surely be this. Amazing stuff.
3. Lumene Touch Of Radiance Matte Blush in "1/ Radiant Blush" - The words matte and radiant in the same product sounded really interesting so obviously I had to give this a try. I'm not too sure how to explain this product but it's super pigmented, easily blendable and natural looking powder which smoothes over the skin and looks very radiant (as the name would suggest) and natural. It's a stunning blush and I think when I'm at the Lumene counter next time I might to get another colour. This has been the only blush I have been wearing the last month or so and maybe also the next. Loving Lumene at the moment.
4. L'Oréal Volume Million Lashes Diamantissime Mascara - Sparkling mascara may sound too over the top for a typical day time look but this stuff is truly amazing. There isn't too much of the shimmer, the colour is very black and it makes my lashes look like falsies. Obsessed? Yes.
5. Lumene CC Color Correcting Foundation in Light - I heard about this all over the blogs before actually going out and getting it and I've got to say it's even greater than I thought. My favorite thing to try out is foundations and this has pretty much stolen my heart at least for now. The coverage is great, the lasting power is incredible, and it does not look cakey at all. I'm so impressed by this product that I just feel like adding million little hearts after it's name. Hooray for a new holy grail!
6. L'Oreal Studio Secrets Universal Lip Glow - I'm not a huge fan of that kind of thick lipstick-y feeling on my lips especially during the day so this has become handy. It's a light balmy texture and it creates an unique shade. How cool is that? My colour is a dark, juicy pink and I love it.
7. Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint in 05 - Again, i'm not into the whole lipstick feeling and I do love a dark pink shade especially for the night time. This stains my lips and just lasts, lasts and lasts. Something I would wear to a party to last all night long... now I'm interested if Max Factor had a red one of these... Hmm...

That's all this time! Please comment your favourite(/s) below so I can try some new bits out. See you soon xx

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