Before buying this little set from Benefit I had never tried out their products before. The brand isn't sold in Finland at all and all...

_KEV9297uusi hoola Before buying this little set from Benefit I had never tried out their products before. The brand isn't sold in Finland at all and all I had been hearing about it was "you must try their products!". So I did, I went out in Zwolle and got this set including some of their most famous products and I have been testing them out the past few weeks... Here's my thought on each product:

1. The Creaseless Cream Shadow in Bikini-tini At first sight this creamy eyeshadow doesn't look like anything special. I thought it was going to be just one of those cream eyeshadows with pretty much no color payoff that I would just end up using under other eyeshadows on top of it. Wrong. The product is super moussey (is that even a word?) and it blends effortlessly with a finger. You are left with the most fresh and glowy looking eyeshadow ever and when you add in a bit of the bronzer to the crease... magic. Super easy and effortless! I might have to hunt down a full size of this next time I leave country.

2. Hoola Bronzer Powder This was one of the products I was the most excited for when I got this kit. I had heard so much about how it looks super natural and how the color isn't orange at all and how you could even contour with it since it is so cool toned. I tried contouring with it without thinking about it too much and damn it looked orange on my skin! I'm not sure what it is, maybe because I have yellow/neutral undertones in my skin or something but boy it did not look good. I love the texture, the powder is silky and smooth, it blends easily and it's pigmented too. The color just isn't right for me which is sad but I'll be using it as an eyeshadow.

3. Watt's Up Highlighter Was probably the biggest reason why I ended up choosing this kit. I had already chosen to get the "High Beam" highlighter and I thought there would be no way I'd buy two full size highlighting products at once. I'm kinda glad I didn't pick up the full size though, because after trying out this quite a few times I just cant seem to decide if I like it or not. First of all, I adore the color. It's a beautiful golden champagne color and it does just the right things to brighten up my complexion. The thing I'm not too sure about is the texture. I find it to be almost a bit sticky and hard to blend so you must use your fingers to apply it. It can look a little cakey when applied after the foundation has set so what I have found to be the best way is apply it straight after foundation and under-eye concealing. There isn't anything wrong with the product, I think I just prefer the "High Beam" a bit more.

4. They're Real! Mascara I have heard so much things about this mascara and the fact that the kit includes it made me very excited. I haven't really had the chance to try this out properly yet since I've had eyelash extensions on but I've noticed a few things. Firstly, the wand is perfect! I like quite small plastic spiky mascara wands since I feel like they grab all the eyelashes and you can really get in to the roots of the lashes without messing up your eyeshadow look. I will be trying this out now when I've gotten my lashes off and I will report back with more information as soon as possible. (I already know I'm going to love it just because of the wand).

5. Longwear Powder Shadow in Thanks A Latte Just a basic shimmery taupe? Wrong again. I'm not sure if I've ever tried such a nice brown eyeshadow. It's super pigmented, smooth, it's easy to apply, it wears a long time... Whar more could you ask for? I found out trying this out with my blue-eyed friend that your eye color and complexion itself can really change how this color looks. I have light brown hair, green eyes and a neutral undertone in my skin and the shade looks like a mix of taupe and bronze against those features. But then on my friend, who has blonde hair, blue eyes and whose skin has a more red tone to it, the shadow looks a way lot more gold than bronze. Interesting and lovely, such a staple to have.

6. Hoola Lip Gloss First of all, I'm not a lipgloss - type of a girl. I don't wear gloss on my lips because they tend to be quite sticky feeling and my hair gets stuck to it and it all ends up being a little disaster. I still like this though. It doesn't have too much color in it which I was suprised of but which ended up working out nicely. It's a super glossy gloss and it feels super moisturising too. It doesn't feel heavy on the lips and it doesn't have a scent that would put me off like most lip glosses do. Will I be rocking the glossy lipped look more often? We'll see.

After all I think when you are wanting to try something from a brand that you have never tried before, a kit is a perfect solution. You get to try loads of products from the brand without spending too much money and if you find a product you really love you can go buy a full size. I just wish more brands did these kits!

Have you tried Benefit products before? Which ones are your must haves? Comment below.
See you soon - Mel

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